28 September 2012

Foodie Adventures (London) - Ottolenghi

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY made my way to Ottolenghi for lunch. Yotam Ottolenghi is officially my new favourite person. I want his recipe book. No. I want to give my sister his recipe book. She can cook and I can eat.

Ok.. got a new camera so went a little crazy with the photography. I apologise now in advance. BUT LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! Ok this one isn't really in order but it's my favourite so I've decided to put it at the top! Their food is straight forward and damn right delicious. It is SO vibrant, flavourful and all made from scratch using raw ingredients (no colouring, preservatives or even freezing). And did I mention their Roasted aubergine with turmeric yoghurt and pomegrante seeds is on the list of the top 10 dishes of Time Out's 100 Best Dishes in London 2012?

Always got to have my green tea

Even the plates are colourful! I don't understand how he can make healthy food taste THIS good. I mean, I adore healthy food and think it tastes amazing as it is but this is on a completely new level. I want to come here everyday for lunch. Every. Single. Day.

Two very happy, very hungry girls
 I didn't let anyone touch their food until I took a few snaps (with the new camera, of course) so by the time we tucked in it only took us a few minutes to clean our plates. We opted for 4 salad dishes each.

Communal seating area inside
Ottolenghi currently has 4 branches, this being one of the more smaller ones (the Belgravia branch). It had a communal seating area and a few tables out back. I was suprised to find it was a few minutes walk from Harrods. I really need to get to know the London area a bit better - there are so many amazing places tucked away (thank gosh for google maps).

NOW BACK TO THE DESSERT TABLE! Isn't this like, the perfect picnic food? If it had been a sunnier day we would have probably picked some treats and headed out into the sun.

Ottolenghi can be found in four different locations - Notting Hill, Belgravia, Islington and Kensington (Islington being the biggest can take reservations, Notting Hill and Belgravia have limited seating and Kensington does not have a seating area). Apart from the delicious food and pastries available for take-away, the branches 'offer diverse experiences and services' so do check out their site here before visiting. I have blogged about NOPI before which is also the brainchild of the team behind Ottolenghi. Genius.

AN ABSOLUTE MUST. Website again here.

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